Conservatory insulation – DIY or hire an expert?

Conservatory insulation currently is a hot topic (if you’ll pardon the pun). With global warming concerns, energy efficiency is more important than ever.
Our Cosy Room Roof utilises the very latest multi-layered insulation technology to construct a beautiful vaulted ceiling, with a lighting pelmet as standard and the option for spotlights, all on the inside of your existing conservatory roof. Combined with our craftsmanship & experience, this produces a unique construction that does not require any holes to be made into your conservatory roof bars.
Many people are wondering whether to do it yourself or hire an expert to insulate your conservatory. Although DIY is great for some projects, here is why we think you should hire the experts for this one.

Knowledge and experience

Our installation team are experts at conservatory insulation. They have the experience to get over any unforeseen problems which might cause a DIY installer to get stuck.

Our high-tech installation system

We use a revolutionary system that only fixes to the inside of your roof. Other companies and DIY installers may screw directly into the roof with their fixings. This can cause leaks, which become a massive problem once you have a plastered ceiling in place. Our method avoids this problem by leaving the outside of your existing conservatory roof untouched.

Come equipped for the job!

Our installation team use a range of specialised equipment and materials to make sure we complete the job to a professional standard and keep the inconvenience to our customers to a minimum.

We sort out all of the tradesmen you need

It can be a hassle to find and organise reliable and professional tradesmen yourself. Our price includes fitting and plastering, and an electrician is also available to you if required.


Doing a DIY project is all well and good, but when there is a problem it means you have to fix it yourself! For your peace of mind, we offer a free 10-year insurance backed guarantee.
If you would like to know more about our insulated conservatory roofs, click here. Our Leyland showsite is open 7 days a week if you would like to come down and take a look for yourself.