Insulating your old conservatory roof – A cost effective way to increase performance.

Our Cosy Room Conversion can transform your old conservatory into an all-year-round living space.

Example of a cosy room insulated ceiling

As everyone with an old conservatory will know, they are often too hot in the summer, too cold in the winter and too noisy during the rain. However, insulating your roof from the inside can drastically reduce these problems at a reasonable price.

With a Right Choice Cosy Roof Conversion, we create a fully plastered ceiling and install a plastered timber box pelmet. From the inside, it looks identical to one of our solid replacement roofs ( but for a fraction of the cost!)

We use state-of-the-art, multi-layered insulation rolls for maximum performance in the space which is available. After installation, the insulation expands to fill the empty space.
In addition to the insulated ceiling, we also install a fully plastered box pelmet (with optional spotlights). Unlike others who just install plastic panelling to hide the insulation, our fully plastered ceilings make it a truly bespoke installation.

We may also be able to covert your glass roof conservatory, although this is not quite as straightforward as with a polycarbonate roof. With glass, if possible, we first need to mask off the view from above. Our Cosy Roof Conversion can be done to most sizes and shapes of conservatory, so long as it is fully watertight.

If you are not confident your conservatory is watertight or you want a complete change and even greater thermal performance, a replacement solid tiled roof is a fantastic option. This will change the look both inside and out. Our Garden Lounge roof is built with a similar structure to a house roof, meaning it has an even greater level of thermal performance.

For more information on roof conversions and our solid tiled roof replacement, take a look at our website.