Conservatory Roofs – Tiled or Glass?

One of the hardest choices when ordering an orangery or conservatory is which roof to choose. A glass roof is great for letting lots of light into the room. However, a solid tiled roof is more like a traditional extension. Make sure that you have all the information before you choose!

Tiled Conservatory Roof

If you are leaning towards a more traditional extension, a solid tiled roof is a great choice. Built with a handcrafted timber frame and lightweight metal roof tiles, our solid roofs are similar to a house roof. With six inches of solid insulation, you can cut down on your heating bills with a room that’s more economical to heat and keep at an ideal temperature.  If you’re concerned about enough light getting in, a Velux roof window or two can make it a surprisingly bright room. The inside of our solid roofs are plastered with a timber pelmet. For the extra wow factor we also offer dimmable LED spotlights inside the pelmet.

Glass Conservatory Roof

A glass roof is something to consider if you want your room as light and airy as possible. If every sunbeam counts, make the most of it with a glass roof! With solar controlled self-cleaning glass, you don’t have to spend every day on the ladders either. We use Active Blue technology in all of our roof glass. Therefore you get exceptional temperature regulation whilst still allowing light to pass through. Likewise, if you put a conservatory backing onto a dark room it can help brighten it up. For someone who wants an attractive and modern look, a glass roof conservatory or orangery can be the way to go.
Whichever you choose, you can be sure that Right Choice will deliver you a top quality job with great value for money.