How To Fix a Loud Conservatory Roof

loud conservatory roof

If anyone has a polycarbonate roofed conservatory or orangery, they will know how annoying a loud conservatory roof can be in the rain. Having a conversation or watching TV quickly becomes impossible once the rain starts. Polycarbonate roofs also get extremely hot in the summer and cold in the winter due to their poor insulation.

Building a whole new conservatory or orangery can be expensive, so why not simply swap the roof?

If your polycarbonate roof is causing you problems, why not swap it for a lightweight tiled roof? Our roof system sits directly on top of your old frames, meaning you don’t have to replace anything apart from the roof.

This cost-effective method means that you are getting the best value for money, whilst also completely fixing your noisy roof.

How quiet are solid roofs in the rain?

Our solid roofs are build with a similar construction to most house roofs. We use a full timber skeleton with 6 inches of solid insulation. This makes the roof drastically quieter than a polycarbonate roof. The increased insulation also means it stays cooler in summer and hotter in winter.

By changing your old roof for a new solid roof, you might also find that your heating bills are going down! The increased insulation means that the room is easier to heat, and also stays hot much longer.

Where can I see a solid roof?

If you currently have a loud conservatory roof, our Leyland showsite has multiple conservatories and orangeries with solid roofs for you to view. We also have a website gallery that shows the process and includes pictures of the roof system, which you can view by clicking here.