Orangery and Conservatories – New Builds

You may think it can be a stressful time whilst constructing an orangery or conservatory at your house. However, it doesn’t have to be! Decide on your needs in advance. Will it be a place to laze around in during the summer months? Or a cosy living space during winter? Maybe even for pets or plants? Choosing what you’d like your orangery or conservatory to be for will help you figure out the final design. Are you looking for something that is stylish and modern? If so, features such as solar control self-cleaning glass may be the way to go. Or perhaps you want something that can be used all year round as a dining space, so you’ll need to think more about size and insulation. You might want a conservatory or orangery for the lazy summer days and relaxing evenings with friends. If so, think about when would be best to order it so you get the full benefits for that year. For example, if you want a conservatory for the summer months, it would be best to begin building around the beginning of March. Ordering then would mean you are able to fully enjoy it during the summer. Likewise, if you want a warm and cosy space during the winter, ordering a solid tiled roofed orangery in early September would allow you to spend a fantastic Christmas inside. 

Design Choices for an Orangery or Conservatory

There are many aspects to consider when building a brand-new conservatory. We offer features such as bi-folding doors, underfloor heating and electric roof windows. The brickwork you have is entirely up to you as well. Our options range from no brickwork whatsoever to dwarf walls, tall walls or pillars. A glass to ground conservatory looks sleek and stylish, while a solid roofed orangery with brickwork pillars looks warm and homely. Whatever you choose, the finished product is sure to impress. Right Choice can fulfil all your requirements. Whether it be a delightful sitting room, a kitchen extension, an elegant dining room or an efficient workspace. The possibilities are limited only by the imagination. Our customers are in safe hands from initial consultation, through design and construction to the final finishing touches. We will be sure to meet your every requirement to make your dream a reality. 

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